January 11th, 2017

DASA is seriously concerned about the decision to once again make social policy based on numbers and costs.  Once again this decision was taken with no concern for the human impact.

Alice Springs is a tinderbox at the moment with people and children roaming the streets at night and causing the kind of fear and destruction that is akin to a war zone.

Everyone knows that a decrease in community safety, leads to a decrease in community well-being which in turn leads to an increase in alcohol and drug misuse as well as domestic violence. Is that the kind of society we are all expected to accept? That would seem the case if we are to accept a further lessening of services simply because we are not living in Darwin.

This is not the Alice we all know and love.  There have been problems in the past but this is getting quite serious. 

The decision to close down the front counter of the Alice Springs police station because not enough people are using it is just absurd and will further anger an already vigilante inclined group of people to go even further. 

Law and order is a police matter, not a matter for overly enthusiastic citizens. The Police Station is and should be a place where people can feel safe and where they can go when they feel threatened.

We teach our children to go to the police station in an emergency or when they are threatened, lost or feel unsafe.  We do not tell them that this only applies during daylight hours.

We do not tell women who are threatened by drunk spouses that they can only go to the police station between 7am and 7pm. Perhaps not surprisingly, crime is more prevalent at night, so lets' not diminish the services we have.

This is something that cannot and should not be up for discussion. "I am aware that this decision has been put on hold for a while and will be subject to further negotiation', said Carole Taylor DASA CEO, "there should be no discussion, we are tired of this kind of decision making and call on those who have the power, to ensure that the service that makes us feel safe and secure continues." she added.

DASA further calls on Governments at all levels to put people first when making decisions about services that affect the lives of others.  Too often those in power simply decide that a service is not used enough to continue when the reality is that if it saves the life of one person it is invaluable.

DASA calls on all services and community members to get behind the need to advocate for keeping the front counter of the Alice Springs Police Station open 24/7 as is our right.

We need to think about this town and where it is headed before this kind of decision making is used again.

Media Contact: Carole Taylor, Chief Executive officer, 0429 649 226