Our Outreach team work with a vast range of clients, linking them with DASA services as well as other appropriate services within the community.

The Outreach Program was established in 2004 and is an intervention and referral program based on the further case management of the relationships established in the Sobering-Up Shelter and other services between staff and clients. Outreach clients are encouraged to have further professional interventions to break the cycle of addiction. Our Outreach team work throughout the community with a vast range of clients, linking them with not only the services DASA has to offer, but also other appropriate services within the community.

Our Outreach workers are accessible to our client group, and make themselves available in places within the Alice Springs Community, including visiting town camps and other places of service provision. They link in with other service providers to conduct brief interventions and assist clients with a range of needs.

The Aboriginal Youth Engagement Officer works with the Outreach team to provide support and case management for young Aboriginal people (up to age 25), including family engagement, advocacy, brief intervention and subsequent referral pathways. They work closely with Territory Families and the Justice system to support young people in their recovery, pre- and post- release from jail, and assist with family reintegration.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Aboriginal people - working, unemployed, regardless of (dis)ability, culture, sexual orientation or ability to afford services.
  • Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, inter-sex, or just not sure, you are ALL very welcome here.

To make a referral, complete the referral form below:

Aranda House Referral Form

The Team

AOD Outreach Coordinator

Jeremy Mckellar

Outreach Worker

Brian McDonald

Outreach Worker

Michelle Dhu