The Transitional After Care Unit is a semi-independent residential facility where residents have their own bedroom and bathroom and shared common areas.

Residents can link in with the Aranda House residents at meal times or cook for themselves in the TACU kitchen.

If TACU residents have not secured employment, volunteer work or study then they are expected to participate in some of the Aranda House programs, these are to be determined with the residents case manager.

The focus of the Transitional After Care Unit is to provide a safe, supportive, clean and sober environment for residents to further progress in their journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, whilst Case Managers work with the resident to engage them in employment and education; and to reconnect with their families prior to moving back into the community.

To be accepted into the Transitional After Care Unit residents must have already undergone a period of abstinence from alcohol and other drugs (excepting those prescribed by a medical practitioner), either in a like facility, or in a custodial / monitored setting. Transitional After Care Unit residents must be capable of living semi independently and managing their own personal needs and maintaining their personal space to an appropriate standard.

Transitional After Care Unit Residents are permitted to live in the Unit for up to twelve months, provided they are either employed or undertaking educational studies – or are actively seeking employment or education. This is non-negotiable and volunteer work is accepted.

The Transitional After Care Unit is staffed by a Manager and a Case Worker and is supported by the Aranda House staffing compliment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To be referred to the Transitional After Care Unit, the resident must have abstained from alcohol or other drugs (unless prescribed by a medical practitioner) for a minimum of three months; which is confirmed by a referring agency such as a rehabilitation facility, a branch of Correctional Services or other health care provider. A referral form must be completed (see link below). Once the referral is received the referrer will be contacted by a staff member to arrange a suitable assessment time.
  • For self-referrals or referrals outside of these guidelines, contact the Residential Manager on 08 8950 3700 for a confidential discussion prior to completing the referral form.
  • People aged 17 and over - working, unemployed, Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal regardless of (dis)ability, culture, sexual orientation or ability to afford services.
  • Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, inter-sex, or just not sure, you are ALL very welcome here.

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